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To contact me for all business inquiries such as sponsorship/affiliates, please email me via

I am willing to accept sponsorships from different company/stores/brands. You can contact me via my email to offer a sponsorship. If you think your company/brand/store suits my blog, then don't hesitate to ask me via my emails.Therefore, do make a tour around my blog first before making your choice.

I accept sponsorships in two ways. However, you can always suggest your idea, if you think it is helpful~

1. Product (s) Review Sponsorship
You can offer a product for me to review. But I prefer to choose the product (s) myself because sometimes, I might own the product (s) you offer. That way it will be more pleasant for both ways.
I do not accept samples for review because I think that using a product for a long time makes a better reviews for my readers. But, I am always glad to accept trial kit.
I cannot promise a positive review. I will write my very own honest, personal review and what I think about the product or the store/company/store itself. I do not accept payments in order to write good things about your company/brand/store. All reviews are completely detailing and honestly written.

2. Sponsored Giveaway
Again, I prefer to choose the product (s) myself, but if it's not possible, it's fine. I have full rights to reject the sponsorship. I do not accept samples for giveaway. I will talk about what I like about the companies and what I don't like. Giveaways will be run for couple weeks.

I would be glad to place your company/store/brand banners on my blog.However, the amount of time and the size of banner will be different depending on your choice. You can choose to place it on for 2 weeks, 1 month, and maximum is 2 months. Please send me an emails for details.

If you have any questions regarding sponsorships or advertisement, don't hesitate to ask me through my emails If you have any other ideas on how can you work with me, please do tell, I'd love to know about it!

For all other personal messages, just leave me a comment here and I'll reply to you ASAP :D

CosJane xoxo


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  2. Hi for some reason I can't send a message to you on youtube :( I'm inboxing for the giveaway and I follow you on instagram as cheekymeeko, subscribed to you on youtube as teanzane, and liked facebook as TL Murph. In addition I liked 41 of your videos and commented 4 times on videos.


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